Vision Statement

Education for life.

Mission Statement

Little Footsteps Montessori Pre-school is a private, Christian school catering for the development of young children. Our school provides a high standard of pre-primary education in a warm, loving and vibrant environment which plays an important role in a child’s education.

We aim to develop preschool children into well rounded confident individuals, taking special care of the physical, intellectual and spiritual needs. Little Footsteps Montessori Pre-school, with committed experienced and qualified staff, provides the necessary teaching and support, to equip the children in our care with skills, which they will need in order to develop to their fullest potential.

Our school offers a Montessori environment as well as an advanced educational syllabus in preparation for acceptance into Foundation Phase at any school of your choice. We pride ourselves with giving the highest quality education that you would expect from any pre-school together with an environment and outdoor garden that builds confidence, self-motivation, develops gross and fine motor skills and stimulates learning and thought processing.

Religious Statement

Little Footsteps Montessori Pre-Primary school is a private, independent Christian pre-primary school, which fosters the development of Christian values and principles in a loving and supportive environment. Our school has Christian educators who provide the young child with bible lessons, stories and moral instructions. We do however strive to demonstrate an understanding of and commitment to constitutional rights and responsibilities and to show an understanding and tolerance towards other diverse cultures and religions.

Learners Code of Conduct

  • To respect each other
  • To be friendly, kind and caring
  • To be self-controlled
  • To be self-motivated
  • To be honest
  • To be polite
  • To be properly dressed
  • To be well behaved
  • To show love, tolerance and understanding
  • To be wise and hardworking

And all together we will stand as a loving and happy school.