Aftercare facilities are available from 12:15 – 17:00 daily, on both a full time or part-time basis. Parents are requested to inform the school if someone other than the person specified, will be fetching their child/children. On fetching your children, parents are required to SIGN OUT in the daily register and indicate the time they are collecting.

Holiday facilities are available during the holidays for parents convenience. This is arranged on demand, but will always be available in the July and December holidays for some of the time.


Parents are required to provide a light, healthy lunch and juice for their children if they are going to be staying at Aftercare for the afternoon. Please be reminded that no sweets and crisps are permitted.


Monthly rates are available. These fees will be added to your school fee account and can be paid together with the school fees. A statement will be sent out at the beginning of every month. Aftercare fees are paid in advance but over 12 months.

Parents who want their children to sleep in the afternoon need to advise aftercare. All children will be expected to have a rest. 

A fundraising Art activity is produced in conjunction with our Big Walk Fund raising programme. This is billed to your school account at the beginning of October of every year.