It is sometimes evident that some parents are not clear as to how to deal with issues relating to the school. If at any time a parent has an issue regarding their child or any staff member, it would be appreciated if they would make an appointment to discuss it FIRST with the relevant staff member. This obviously assists the staff in being made aware of the issue early on so that they can respond to it in an appropriate manner. If after this, the matter is not been resolved, parents are encouraged to then advise the Principal in writing of the matter.

One can certainly appreciate that it is extremely difficult to manage the school when a formal process to identify issues is not observed by parents. Although the school has no ability to control gossip, we urge parents with real issues to rather follow the above process which will prevent any inappropriate and often untrue rumouring.

Parent’s co-operation in this regard is imperative in order to ensure the smooth running of the school and the maintenance of its good reputation.


Little Footsteps Montessori Pre-school subscribes to the following policy:

Should a child bite/swear/bully another child, he/she will be sternly reprimanded by the teacher and put into time out. The parents will be informed either verbally when they collect the child or via a note in the notebook.

Should the biting /swearing / bullying persist, the parents will be called in, the matter discussed and options looked at.

Should the interventions which have been put into place, not have changed the child’s behaviour and the child continues biting / swearing / bullying, the following will apply:

After the child has bitten/sworn at/ bullied another child the parents will be contacted and asked to fetch the child and keep the child off school for the rest of the school morning.

Should it not be possible for the parents to fetch the child, a facilitator will be called upon to look after the child until aftercare starts, costs borne by the parents.

Should the situation persist, the involved parents will be consulted and further interventions will be put into place.

We feel that a child will not learn anything from being sent home, however we feel that the other children in the class need some time apart from the child who has bitten/ sworn at/ bullied them.